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Probate And Estate Law

In Ohio, the probate court oversees probate matters as well as guardianships and adoptions. Most of the types of cases in probate are complex and best approached with the guidance of an experienced lawyer.

For over 35 years, Mitchell A. Machan has helped families in Canton and Stark County successfully navigate through probate court matters and estate law. He can help you with issues such as:

  • Probate — estate administration, contested wills
  • Trust administration
  • Estate planning — wills and trusts, revocable family trusts
  • Guardianships — minors (inheritance/injuries), incapacitated persons
  • Adoptions — private placements, stepparent adoptions

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Prepare Now To Protect Your Future

An estate plan can go a long way to protect all that you have worked hard for during your lifetime. If you are suddenly injured and can no longer handle your own affairs, your estate plan can protect your assets and your family’s future as well.

Contact Mitchell A. Machan Law Office for a personalized estate plan, including documents such as:

  • Simple wills and trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Revocable family trusts
  • Advance health care directive
  • Durable financial power of attorney
  • Springing power of attorney

If you had a trust created some time ago, and we recommend reviewing and updating your documents, especially if you have recently retired, got married or divorced, or had another child.

We can also assist you with planning ahead for the future care of your minor child or adult with a disability.

Reliable Estate Guidance And Advocacy

When a person dies, with or without a will, their final financial affairs are usually addressed and settled in probate court. Probate is a many-tiered process and can be confusing. The court appoints a personal representative who oversees gathering the deceased’s assets, notifying creditors, paying the final bills, and filing a final tax return. After this is done, the personal representative distributes the assets to beneficiaries and heirs.

If your loved one has died, contact attorney Mitchell A. Machan for the trusted and thoughtful probate administration your family needs at this emotional time.

Serving Canton and Stark County residents, you can contact Mitchell A. Machan Law Office by completing our online form or by calling 330-879-8338 .