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Child Custody, Parenting Time And Child Support

At Mitchell A. Machan Law Office, our goal is to help parents who are either unmarried or divorcing work together to develop parenting time, formerly known as “child custody,” agreements that are childcentric. Parents often struggle with agreeing to what their child’s best interests are.

Child custody attorney Mitchell A. Machan has been working with the Stark County family courts for over 35 years, and he knows the judges and magistrates. He knows their policies and the fine lines between accepting or declining custodial arrangements parents present to the court.

When parents cannot agree, the family court will get involved and operate under Ohio state guidelines to protect the best interests of children.

In determining the best interest of a child and how to rule in a contested parenting time plan, the court looks to factors such as:

  • Whether one parent would be better at providing a stable, nurturing home atmosphere
  • If a parent is using drugs or has a history of abusing alcohol
  • A parent’s record of domestic violence or other criminal activity
  • The child’s background relationship with siblings and parents
  • School and social environment stability

Developing an appropriate parenting time agreement when parents are unable to agree can be difficult without the skills of a lawyer. Mr. Machan can negotiate on your behalf to ensure your values and priorities for your children are reinforced.

Compassionate And Skilled Child Support Advocate

Both parents are required to provide financial support for their children until they become adults. Child support is a court-ordered formula based on both parent’s income and the parenting time schedule.

At Mitchell A. Machan Law Office, we are experienced and can help you with:

  • Establishing paternity
  • Child support enforcement
  • Child support modification
  • Fathers’ rights

Child support orders can be generated by the family court or the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). Parents who are ordered to pay child support and do not can be fined, or for extensive periods of nonpayment, could have contempt of court charges brought against them, possibly resulting in a prison sentence.

We Can Help You Establish Parenting Time And Child Support

If you are not sure where to begin with a reasonable parenting time order, or how to get child support for your children, call Mitchell A. Machan Law Office at 330-879-8338 for help. He has the experience and skill to resolve your child custody or child support matter. You may also email us. We provide legal representation for families in Canton and throughout Stark County.