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Divorce brings about life changes and can bring about a lot of worry about the uncertain future. When you are ready to take that step to move forward with your divorce, you need to know your priorities and values will remain at the core of the entire process.

Who gets the house? Who will the children live with? Combining compassion and knowledge, divorce attorney Mitchell A. Machan purposefully prepares each client’s case anticipating their future best interests, in all areas of divorce, including:

  • Dissolution
  • Alimony
  • Property division
  • Child custody/parenting time
  • Child support

When you need to protect your rights because your spouse has broken your marriage vows in any number of breaches such as adultery, cruelty or neglect contact Mitchell A. Machan Law Office for strong and experienced advocacy.

What Is Dissolution?

In Ohio, a couple goes through dissolution of their marriage when they agree to file a no-fault divorce, with or without children, and they are in agreement to all matters of the divorce.

This means that they agree to separate all of their real and personal property, assets and debts fairly, as well as to parenting time and child support. Dissolutions are generally not a long drawn out process as a contested or at-fault divorce can be.

Both spouses must sign the petition for dissolution, and go before the family court judge in a hearing to affirm that they are voluntarily in agreement to all terms of the petition. While it is a fairly straightforward process, there are precise steps and a timeline to follow, and it can get confusing.

At Mitchell A. Machan Law Office, we offer a flat rate to help you with dissolution of your marriage.

Experienced Legal Guidance For Your Divorce

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